Collect, complete quests, get NFT rewards.

Krypto Origins is a community driven NFT project. Artwork of Krypto Origins are inspired by cryptocurrencies and market events. We want collecting NFTs to be fun, engaging and rewarding! As a collector, watch your Krypto Origins collection grow by completing QUESTS, staying ACTIVE in the community or just HODL our collection for a certain period of time.

For more info on active quests, please follow our Twitter and join our Telegram group.

Ways to obtain OUR NFTs

The easiest way to get Krypto Origins NFT is to buy from marketplace. Please visit our official raribles marketplace for more info –

Missions can be completed by having certain cards in a collection, and the reward will be a brand new NFT. For example, if the active mission requires card A + card B, and you have both in your wallet, you may claim the reward by joining our Discord group, and posting in #rewardclaim section.

Milestone quests can be completed by holding certain cards. By holding certain card for a prolonged period, you will bond with your collection and will be rewarded with a new NFT! Remember to set a reminder to claim your reward from us though!

You may claim the reward by joining our Discord group, and posting in #rewardclaim section.

We will be holding lottery style airdrop once a month. (Frequency will increase as our collector base grows). If you own Krypto Origins NFTs, you will automatically be registered for the airdrop. Weightage will be distributed as follows:

  1. Non holders – 1 ticket
  2. Common card – 2 tickets
  3. Uncommon card – 4 tickets
  4. Rare card – 8 tickets
  5. Epic card – 16 tickets
  6. Legendary card – 32 tickets

If you have 1 epic and 2 rare before the draw, you will have a total of 16 + 8 + 8 = 32 tickets.

Bounty quests will be time limited. It could be for hours, days or weeks, depending on the difficulty of the quests.

Please follow our discord and twitter for the latest updates.

Krypto Origins can also be obtained by completing achievements. Title will be rewarded to significant contributors, such as community contribution, ideas generation, marketing etc. More details to be confirmed soon!



original idea, super limited edition nft collection series.
early adopters (genesis edition) will be hugely rewarded as we grow.
you, as our collectors will be driving the project's direction as one community.
chance to build something big from small. watch a seedling grow into a forests. leave a legacy by being krypto origins early adopter!
Our Strategy and Project Plan

Our mission is to build a lasting and rewarding NFT series, where collector feels truly appreciated. We welcome fresh ideas and suggestions!

1st phase
Fine Tuning

We will complete the entire Genesis series collection. We will be revamping our website,  and make it more mobile friendly.

Community Building

Building Krypto Origins community will be one of our highest priority, as we strongly believe that a vibrant and engaging community is key to where our bigger vision lies. 

Distribution economics

We will keep exploring fairer and more efficient distribution methods. Actively seek for L2 solutions and market place to reduce NFT distribution gas fees.

2nd phase

We want Krypto Origins collection to have utility value. We’ll be reviewing other NFT projects together with our community, and implement the fairest option.

NFT staking / tokenization

We will explore NFT staking and create Krypto Origins token. Genesis series holders will automatically be whitelisted. 

launch pad

We hope to launch our token via a credible launch pad. We want to achieve this together with our community. We assure you that none of our NFT holders will be left behind.

3rd phase & beyond

This is our end goal, this is our dream. We want Krypto Origins to eventually be integrated into blockchain gaming.

Play to earn

We’ll be taking inspiration from a hugely successful MMORPG, where players can easily socialize, trade, clear quests, hunt rare items and bosses together. Hint: M.S in blockchain!

our team


Founder, designer & community manager of Krypto Origins. Crypto, tech and gaming enthusiast. Entrepreneur. Used to operate a board game cafe, worked as an SAP consultant, currently running a service business.


Co-founder & Artist of Krypto Origins. Full-time project manager in gaming industry. Dealt with numerous Japanese companies on AAA game titles. Hobby is drawing cute things and fanarts. Enjoy games like Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy.

Revenue distribution

This is a rough breakdown of our Genesis Series revenue distribution model. For breakdown of each segment, please check out our Medium article.

Feel free to contact us on Discord or Twitter. We will be absolutely transparent and truthful.